PDF: Knowledge on periotome and atraumatic extraction among dental students

The aim of this study was to understand the knowledge of dental students on periotomes in non-surgical tooth extractions.

This study clearly reveals the knowledge on atraumatic extractions, various methods of atraumatic extractions and on periotomes is less amongst the undergraduate students of Saveetha Dental College.

We understand that the basic principle of any extraction is to do no harm to the healthy parts of the tooth. 

This can be achieved with atraumatic extractions performed using periotomes and luxators, encouraging the same during routine clinical practices Awareness on atraumatic extractions with the importance of soft tissue, gingival contour and preservation of bone volume should be emphasized to the undergraduate students and give opportunities in clinical practices to observe, study and practice along with theoretical knowledge in atraumatic extractions.

Tooth extraction is a painless surgical procedure mostly performed under local anesthesia. However the soreness and pain due to tooth extraction last for several days. 

A complex cascade of biochemical and histologic events then ensues during the wound healing process which further leads to physiologic alterations to alveolar bone and soft-tissue architecture.

During the extraction procedure, basic surgical techniques must be followed, and the clinician must be prepared to manage complications.

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