PDF: Principles of Flap Design and Closure - Oral Surgery - Jay B. Reznick, DMD, MD

Many oral-surgery procedures require development of a surgical flap to gain access to the surgical site.

Flaps are necessary to facilitate surgical tooth removal, treat pathology and create access for bone- and tissueaugmentation procedures.

The type of flap used affects how easily primary closure can be achieved, how quickly the site heals and the risk of complications. 

Poorly designed surgical flaps can break down, become necrotic and increase the risk of graft failure.

Once the surgical procedure is completed, reapproximation of the soft tissues is indicated. 

Various suture materials and techniques have been developed for different procedures and purposes.

Knowing which suture to use in which situations, and how to use it properly, is critical for clinicians if they perform surgical procedures. 

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