PDF: Contemporary crown-lengthening therapy: A review

Crown-lengthening surgery can be a viable option for facilitating restorative therapy or improving esthetic appearance.

When planning a crownlengthening procedure, the dentist should evaluate the patient’s complete periodontal condition and disclose all possible treatment options to the patient.

In cases involving the possibility of a negative esthetic outcome, compromise to the support of the dentition involved in the surgical procedure or both, extraction and implant therapy or conventional prosthetic therapy may be a more compelling solution. 

The authors conducted a literature review regarding the rationale, basic surgical principles, contraindications and wound healing associated with periodontal crownlengthening surgery.

They present a report of a clinical case illustrating crown lengthening with osseous resection. 

The authors evaluated clinical and radiographic studies, as well as literature reviews. They selected only publications that pertained to the surgical exposure of the natural dentition to facilitate restorative therapy, esthetic concerns or both. 

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