PDF: Immediate Loading Implants - A paradigm shift: A review

There is a growing trend in implant dentistry to decrease the treatment times associated with implant therapy.

This can be achieved with immediate occlusal loading protocol. Immediate loading (IL) of dental implants is an eminent and acknowledged treatment strategy which is extensively being used for the rehabilitation of missing teeth.

IL may be described as functional loading (With occlusal contacts) immediately after implantation (or within 3–4 days after surgery) without waiting for the healing period. 

IL has gained popularity nowadays as it includes less possible trauma to the tissues, overall treatment time is decreased, reduced patient‘s discomfort and anxiety , better patient acceptance and good function and aesthetics.

The introduction of osseointegrated implants has revolutionized the art and science of modern dentistry giving a new lease of life to the restorative aspects in dayto-day practice.

The healing of dental implants in the jawbone is based on the principle of osseointegration which includes a healing period of several months and was based on acquiring direct bone-to-implant contact (BIC) and must be proved by means of histologic analysis.

The ultimate goal of animmediate loading protocol is to predictably decrease surgical interventions and to reduce the time gap between surgery and prosthesis completion, but without decreasing the success rates associated with implant treatment and the unloaded healing protocol. 

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