PDF: Odontogenic Infections in children and adolescents - Antimicrobial therapies

Oral infections are caused by an imbalance in the patient’s indigenous flora which changes from commensal to opportunistic.

Odontogenic infections are the most common reason for consultation in children and adolescents.

Rational use of antibiotics is the best strategy to avoid microbial resistance. Dental infections should first receive proper local treatment, which can also be complemented with a systemic method. 

Appropriate drug selection and dosing should be made. Amoxicilin is the first choice for antimicrobial agents in pediatric dentistry.

Clindamycin and clarithromycin are the best alternative for patients with penicillin hypersensibility.

Dental Infections, should first receive the appropriate local therapy which can sometimes be complemented with a systemic treatment.

The purpose of this literature review is to establish clear and updated guidelines for clinical management, prevention and treatment of oral infections in this age group. 

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