PDF: Association between periodontitis and severity of COVID‐19 infection: A case-control study - Journal of Clinical Periodontology

COVID- 19 is associated with an exacerbated inflammatory response that can result in fatal outcomes.

Systemic inflammation is also a main characteristic of periodontitis. Therefore, we investigated the association of periodontitis with COVID- 19 complications.

Scientific rational for study: COVID- 19 complications are caused by a severe inflammatory reaction that shares some common signals with periodontitis. 

Thus, this study was designed to investigate a possible association between COVID- 19 complications and the presence of periodontitis. Principle findings: This study revealed that periodontitis could be a risk factor for COVID- 19 complications.

Practical implications: This study helps understand bet-ter the risk factors influencing the outcome of COVID- 19 infections and highlights the importance of periodontal health in the prevention and perhaps even management of COVID- 19 complications.

This study identified that the risk of COVID- 19 complications was significantly higher among patients with moderate- to- severe periodontitis compared to those with milder or no periodontitis. 

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