PDF: Contemporary Smile Design: An Orthodontic Perspective

Orthodontists make a huge impact on the lives of people seeking better smiles.

Although there are various reasons why people seek orthodontic care, one of the reasons is the ability of orthodontists to convert a malocclusion into well-balanced, pleasing, and artistic appearance of teeth within the smile framework. 

With this end point in mind, the goal of the orthodontist is to evaluate how a smile will fit into the facial morphology of any given individual. 

In this new age of selfies and social media boom, laypeople have started noticing even the slightest asymmetries noticeable in the past only to clinicians. 

How a smile can be crafted into an individual’s face with harmony and balance is truly important. 

Unconsciously, smiling is the most important nonverbal way of communication and perception. It is by far the most effective way to express emotions and create connections. 

Every individual carries a unique smile to their face, and there is no perfect recipe for a smile. However, over the years, many studies have been published discussing the parameters involved in creating a perfect smile. 

The goal of orthodontic treatment should be to achieve a smile that is in harmony with the face. 

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