DENTAL SOLUTIONS: 5 Dental Implants most used in Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation with the help of dental implants allows us to solve various situations of edentulism, limited bone ridges and aesthetic demands. 

Currently we have a variety of dental implants, sizes and thicknesses, of high quality and greatly improved thanks to technology. 

We are at the forefront with respect to the manufacture of Dental Implants, for that reason we have the 5 most used dental implants today, as well as making it easier for implantology professionals to purchase through our web store and our Dental Solutions App, which can be downloaded from

Implant he among the most common in the world. The optimal solution for immediate transplantation and immediate loading. 

The Spiral dental implant has self-drilling capabilities and a unique spiral body design that allows it to change its position during placement and obtain very high initial stability even in certain clinical cases.

Long-term success is ensured by the implant, Many benefits and solutions are available for a variety of bone problems, including angle bone. 

Through the RBM process, we ensure that the implants are as durable as possible. 

The neck of the implant can also bend 15 degrees and the success rate of this implant is high. When adequate bone quantity and quality are present in the maxilla and mandible and immediate loading can be achieved, its mechanical properties make it ideal for multiple unit restorations.

Implants are one size with a diameter of 2.5 mm and a length of 13.0 mm that offer an immediate long-term solution for removable prostheses. Implants come with a silicone ring and titanium cap for the restoration of single teeth. Implant design allows them to self-drill and provide long-term stability.

The 3-S (Sinus Stopper Spiral) implant is a special patented implant designed for safe use at a small depth. The 3-S implant has a wide stopper at the top of the implant that prevents it from sinking and also stabilizes it in the patient's mouth.

Even if it is a simple restoration of individual teeth and even if it is a complete restoration of the mouth. The cylinder is a safe implant that can be controlled and stabilized easily and simply during placement. A very common implant that most dental surgeons have been choosing for many years.

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