Tapered implants with a spiral tap

Te ultimate embodiment of over 30 years of implant knowledge and expertise, Adin’s new UniFit unifed conical connection implants combine the very best features of their tried and trusted Touareg and Closeft implants in one.

UniFit spiral implants are tapered implants with a spiral tap that condenses bone during placement for immediate stability. 

Featuring two large variable threads to facilitate minimally invasive surgery and a bone condensing tapered self-taping tip for accurate placement, improved aesthetics and optimum load distribution, its unique design allows immediate function for all bone types. 

UniFit also features Adin’s unique OsseoFix Calcium Phosphate blast surface treatment, built-in platform switch, back-tapered collar with micro-threads engineered to enhance bone regeneration, prevent bone loss and increase bone implant contact. 

Comprising a friction grip 7° conical connection with six-position star shaped index, UniFit ensures solid abutment fxation that enhances the implant-abutment seal and minimises micromovements. 

Plus, it enables simple yet fexible implant and abutment alignment and supports self-guiding insertion for clear cut tactile feedback. 

Finally, UniFit’s external geometry and surface is designed for immediate function and loading, and optimal stability in all bone types.

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