DENTAL SOLUTIONS: Buy 30 One-Piece Implants and get 5 more as a gift

Long-term success is ensured by the implant, Many benefits and solutions are available for a variety of bone problems, including angle bone. 

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Through the RBM process, we ensure that the implants are as durable as possible. The neck of the implant can also bend 15 degrees and the success rate of this implant is high. 

When adequate bone quantity and quality are present in the maxilla and mandible and immediate loading can be achieved, its mechanical properties make it ideal for multiple unit restorations. 

Offer: One-Piece Implants 

Buy 30 One-Piece Implants and get 5 more as a gift! 

- Total Cost: $1215 for 35 One-Piece Implants 
(Regular Price: $1,417.50)

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