PDF: Lymphoepithelial Cyst in Jugal Mucosa

As it is an extremely rare lesion. The are few reports in the literature of oral lymphoepithelial cysts, with isolated cases or short series, as we notice from the reports of Bhaskar (1966) with 24 cases, Knapp (1970) with 13, Giunta & Cataldo (1973) with 21, Buchner & Hansen (1980) with 38 cases, and also Hu et al. (2005) with 3 cases.

Having controversial etiology, the lesion may be considered a developmental abnormality, resulting from the imprisonment of ectodermal remnants of the first and second branchial arch in the interior of the lymph nodes (Gold 1962). 

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Other studies suggest that the entity does not have branchial origin, but represents a cystic alteration of the ectopic epithelium included in the lymph node (Bhaskar).

The third etiological hypothesis is local trauma, which would stimulate epithelial cell proliferation, forming the cyst (Buchner & Hansen; Epivatianos et al., 2005).

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