PDF: Surgical lengthening of the clinical tooth crown

To understand why the crown lengthening may be desirable, a review of periodontal anatomy is in order. The odontologists know, but often underestimate importance of periodontal tissues health to restoration of defected teeth or dental arches. 

In order to avoid pathological changes, to predict treatment results more precisely, it is necessary to keep gingival biological width unaltered during teeth restoration.

If there are lessthan 2 mm from restoration's margin tomarginal bone clinical crown lengthening possibility should be considered in dental treatment plan. 

The choice depends on relationship of crown-root-alveolar bone and esthetical expectations. In order to keep margins of restoration supragingivally the distance from marginal bone to margins of restoration should not be lessthan 3 mm.

Ideally the margins of restoration should be supragingivally or in the same level as marginal gingiva. 

When the margins of restoration are prepared subgingivally, the distance from marginal gingiva to margins of restoration should not be more than 0.7 mm.

To continue dental treatment in operated area is recommended not earlier than in 4 weeks, and making restorationsin esthetical area - not earlier than in 6 weeks.

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