DENTAL BOOKS: Cast Gold Restoration - Abhidnya Gaikwad, Meenal Gulve and Roshan Samuel

A textbook on the subject of the cast gold restoration is difficult to write because of the requirements for exacting detail in the great number of steps involved. 

The proper use of an atlas of this type provides even the beginning student with a method of instruction so effective that through its application, he is capable of producing an excellent result eve'n on his first attempt. This atlas is for the student and the practitioner who wishes to advance his skill and ability in a field that is difficult to master. 

Neither the vast fund of knowledge nor the manual skills necessary to master this field of endeavor can be obtained by cursory reading or by one or two contacts. This highly illustrated atlas should be kept open while working in the laboratory or at the dental chair, until through the principles of reinforcement learning, each step has become automatic with the operator. 

The dental casting process is the giant link in the chain of techniques needed in restorative dentistry. Within this text are the means to do it well.

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