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The development of minimally invasive procedures in virtually all areas of human medicine, including oral surgery, has compelled us to rethink the rationale for classic open surgical techniques involving the elevation of soft-tissue flaps.

Relatively severe postoperative complaints, the need for bone removal in open tooth extractionsand increased resorption of the alveolar ridge after periosteal stripping make it imperative to reconsider alternative strategies.

Endoscopy has been used for decades as a supportive technique for directing minimally invasive oral surgical procedures and in recent years has been used increasingly in endoscopically assisted operative techniques. Based on rapid advances in this field, it is time to provide the interested dentist, oral surgeonand maxillofacial surgeon with an overview of currently available techniques. 

We shall describe the basic technical aspects of endoscopic oral surgery and also review the most important specific procedures, which fall under the collective heading of ”flapless oral surgery.”

As the reader delves more deeply into the subject, it may become increasingly clear that endoscopy actually eliminates the need for classic flap elevation in many oral surgical procedures.

The greatly improved visualization of oral surgical fields demonstrates a new and precise way to operate less traumatically on the dentoalveolar region, with much less collateral damage to hard and soft tissues, than was possible with traditional or conventional methods.

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