PDF: THE HALL TECHNIQUE GUIDE: A minimal intervention, child centred approach to managing the carious primary molar

The Hall Technique is a method for managing carious primary molars where decay is sealed under preformed metal crowns (PMCs) without local anaesthesia, tooth preparation or any caries removal.

Clinical trials have shown the Hall Technique to be effective, and acceptable to the majority of children, their parents and clinicians.

It is NOT, however, an easy, quick fix solution to the problem of the carious primary molar.

Like all clinical interventions, for success the Hall Technique requires careful case selection, a high level of clinical skill, excellent patient management and long term monitoring.

The Hall Technique will not suit every tooth, every child or every clinician. It can, however, be a useful and effective method of managing carious primary molars.

This manual is intended as a guide to developing some skills in the application of the technique.

This manual provides information on: 

► the background to the Hall Technique; 
► the evidence behind the Hall Technique; 
► information on case selection; and 
► a “how to” guide on using the technique

With the Hall Technique, the process of fitting the crown is quick and non-invasive.The crown is seated over the tooth with no caries removal or tooth preparation of any kind, and local anaesthesia is not required.

The technique is named after Dr Norna Hall, a general dental practitioner from Scotland, who developed and used the technique for over 15 years until she retired in 2006.

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