PDF: Clinical Comparative Study of Retention for Single Versus Two-Implant Mandibular Overdentures Reinforced by PEEK Framework

This clinical work aimed to evaluate and compare retention force of single versus 2-implants mandibular overdentures reinforced by poly ether-ether ketone (PEEK) framework.

The prosthetic management of completely edentulous patients with ridges resorption has been a major challenge. 

Conventional complete dentures are prostheses that used to restore and maintain function of mastication, esthetics, speech, and social communication. 

Conventional complete dentures have been many complications as decreased retention and instability, increase gagging, pain, salivation problems, improper speech, mastication dysfunction, and finally esthetics unsatisfaction. 

Implant-supported or implant-retained overdentures are recommended to overcome these complications as this line of treatment will enhance retention and stability, improve function and psychology, and overall promote oral function and comfort. 

Admittedly, the most popular treatment modality of edentulous patients is implant overdenture because of low cost and good long-term prognosis when compared to fixed implant-supported restorations. 

Many clinical trials suggested that implantsupported prosthesis is a favorable and excellent line of treatment for complete edentate’s mandible. 

However, minimum implant numbers that needed and required for edentulism restoration is questionable. 

Single-implant mandibular overdenture (SIMO) is a simple treatment protocol. 

SIMO has decreased cost, decrease potential surgical risks and costs related to treatment when compared to overdenture designs having greater implant numbers. 

Using single implant mandibular acrylic resin overdenture to restore and rehabilitate edentulous mandible has some complication that must take in consideration. 

SIMO increase fracture in the area adjacent to the implant. Mainly, overdenture fracture occurs due to relieving the acrylic denture base for the attachment pick-up, this excessive relief leads to turn of the acrylic resin base. 

Also, single implant acts as overdenture fulcrum during its masticatory movements, leading to its deformation and fracture happened later. 

Rehabilitation of edentulous mandible with 2-implant overdenture has been the best treatment options for completely edentate’s patients and considered a minimum standard for most edentulous patients. 

There are several attachment systems have been developed for implant overdentures support such as bars, magnets, balls, different cylindrical attachment types, fabricated according to materials, concepts and design forms. 

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