PDF: Periodontal plastic surgery for treatment of gummy smile with cosmetic restauration treatment

Today, the appreciation of aesthetic dentistry by society brought to the search for materials and techniques that improve the appearance of smile, which is essential in maintaining physical and mental health of the patient.


This study aimed to report a case of gummy smile involving Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry.

Case report

This case, despite other possible alternatives, was solved through periodontal surgery (clinical crown augmentation associated with osteotomy) and indirect restorations with porcelain crowns. 


In our experience this procedure is safe, predictable, with minimal risks or side effects, and it is a treatment option for these cases.

The etiology of gummy smile is related to several factors: changed passive eruption, increased gingival volume due to plaque accumulation or use of drugs and vertical excess of maxilla. 

This study aimed to present a surgical restorative protocol, including periodontal surgery of gingival recontouring with osteotomy and rehabilitation with porcelain crowns to improve esthetics and function in a patient with over-exposed gingival smile and short clinical crowns.

Patient R.J.B., female, aged 29 years was referred to the Clinics of Periodontics of Positive University, by the Clinics of Restorative Dentistry, complaining about short teeth and with extreme gingival exposure during smiling. 

The patient examination comprised: periodontal probing of all teeth, photographs, radiographic examination, impression of the maxilla and mandible, waxing-up diagnosis. 

All treatment plan and the likely outcome of the treatment was showed to patient.

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