PDF: Silver Diamine Fluoride in Pediatric Dentistry - Sivakumar Nuvvula, Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni

Dental caries remains a severe oral health problem in children and its impact in terms of pain, impairment of function, and oral health-related quality of life of the population is high, especially the disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Despite the widespread use of fluoride dentifrice, preschool children, compared to the other age groups, still show a high number of untreated caries lesions.

Minimal and noninvasive approaches for the management of dental caries are preferred currently, in lieu of the conventional approaches.

Though not new, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) had recently gained attention by clinicians globally due to its effectiveness in arresting the progression of carious lesions. 

Silver diamine fluoride allows a more conservative tooth preparation as it has been shown to arrest remaining decay, remineralize, and harden leathery dentin leading to the dark color change. 

Silver diamine fluoride is applied directly to carious lesions to arrest and prevent dental caries.

Since the management of dental caries with SDF is noninvasive and much comfortably performed, it can be a favorable means to treat dental caries in children. 

The present review is an insight into the use of SDF in pediatric dentistry and its clinical significance based on the published literature. 

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