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A hybrid prosthesis is a type of prosthesis that is supported by dental implants, that is, an implant-supported prosthesis.

The implant-supported prosthesis consists of a prosthetic structure anchored by implants that have been previously placed inside the maxillary bones, in order to recover function and aesthetics as much as possible. 

Unlike an overdenture, it is screwed to the abutments and cannot be removed by the patient. An overdenture is removable and the patient can take it off by himself. Please see our full mouth implants with hybrid prosthesis case studies.

Improved masticatory function: Unlike a complete or removable conventional prosthesis, the hybrid prosthesis can reach up to 90% of the natural masticatory efficiency. 
Improves phonetics: As restorations over implants are more stable, there is no alteration of the masticatory muscles or of those that intervene in facial expression, eliminating any possibility of alteration in phonetics. 
Improves aesthetics: They look and feel like natural teeth, with implant-supported prostheses it is possible to achieve optimal morphology and an optimal facial appearance in all anatomical planes. 
Preservation of bone tissue: Since they are supported by implants, these replace the tooth roots, helping to maintain the bone tissue, avoiding the deterioration and resorption that occurs after the loss of a tooth. 
Durability: they can last for many years with a good maintenance. Improves confidence: With implant-supported prostheses, a person can feel fully confident that their teeth will not move. You can do any regular activity without any fear. 
Greater comfort: As conventional prostheses have the mucosa and bone as the main support; these can cause injuries during the adaptation process. With a hybrid prosthesis there is no risk of lacerations and does not require the use of adhesion creams. 

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