What is Dental Implant Osseointegration? - Smiles Peru

Osseointegration is a biological process in which a dental implant is integrated with surrounding bone.

What are the factors in a successful dental implant osseointegration? 

The successful outcome of any implant procedure is dependent on many factors including: 

Smiles Peru uses implants made with commercially pure TiGr4 Hard titanium alloy, which has greater mechanical strength than other titanium alloys or pure titanium. 

Minimal tissue damage at surgery is essential for osseointegration. 

Smiles Peru’s Surgical Center was designed to provide the best possible environment for carrying out dental implant surgeries

A prosthesis which evenly distributes bite forces between the implants and/or natural teeth will help ensure implant longevity. 

Though osseointegration may take place in as few as 60 days with modern dental implants and surgical techniques, most patients should wait at least 90 days for lower jaw implants and 180 days for upper jaw implants before beginning the second phase of a dental implant rehabilitation.

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