PDF: Periodontal Surgery for Correction of Gingival Smile: a Case Report Analysis of Periodontal Parameters After 2 Years

Gingival smile is a term used to describe an aesthetic condition in which excessive gingival exposure at the jaw level occurs during smile.

There are several factors related to its etiology, the most common is the altered passive eruption of anterior superior teeth. 

To correct this disharmony, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary, and the treatment plan depends on a correct diagnosis and assessment for a better prognosis. 

The present study aims to describe a clinical case where periodontal surgical techniques were used to correct this condition. 

Female patient, 25 years old, with aesthetic complaint of the amount of gum exposed when smiling and diagnosed with altered passive eruption. Clinical crown augmentation surgery was performed on the anterior superior teeth. 

After 1 and 2 years, periodontal clinical parameters (probing bleeding, probing depth, clinical attachment level, crown length, keratinized mucosa width and plaque index) were reassessed, through clinical examination, digital photographic monitoring and measurement tools.

In two years, it was possible to note the stability of the results achieved, maintaining values similar to those of the immediate postoperative period. 

The case report confirmed the success of the clinical crown augmentation surgery and the periodontal parameters stability evaluated after 2 years. 

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