PDF: Attachment systems in overdenture therapy: a review (2023)

Overdenture conventionally is a partial or complete denture prosthesis constructed over existing teeth or root structure.

The use of overdenture therapy was dated back a century back and has been still follow prosthodontists. 

Preventive prosthodontics has become a trend and the use of overdentures has increased to the point where it is now feasible alternative to most treatment plan outlines in the construction of a prosthesis for patients with some remaining teeth or even no teeth. 

Implant supported overdentures are presently one of the best options for replacing missing teeth due to their added advantages as well as they are not very expensive and are within the reach of many patients. 

Attachments are the linchpins of an overdenture. It is important that the clinician knows the attachment system well and the amount of mechanical load that is going to deliver on the system. 

In tooth supported overdentures there are many conventional techniques including simple tooth modification and reduction, tooth reduction and cast coping, endodontic therapy with amalgam plug, endodontic therapy with cast coping utilizing some form of attachments. 


There has been various attachment system used in tooth and implant supported overdentures. 

But to provide a successful treatment, the clinician should have a thorough knowledge of various attachments available, their use and adaptability in various clinical situations,benefits and demerits of using it. 

While using any particular type of attachment system clinician should try to fulfill almost all the necessary requirements which are essential for stable and successful esthetic and functional rehabilitation of that system. 

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