PDF: Dental Implants in Aesthetic Areas: Surgical Approaches and Prosthetic Considerations for Optimizing Results, A Review

The aim of this work is to carry out a literature review on the main surgical and prosthetic aspects when performing implants in aesthetic regions in order to optimize the final results.

Treatment with dental implants is a clinical reality in dentistry. 

Several implants’ systems were introduced in the market aiming at improvements to the materials, however, there are still a lot of different surgical approaches for solving cases where there is a high aesthetic demand, especially in the anterior maxilla region. 

For a treatment with dental implants to be considered a success, it must present satisfactory aesthetic outcomes, with a prosthesis that is visibly pleasant and with peri-implant tissues with adequate volume. 

Some qualitative indexes were created where parameters related to “pink esthetic” and “white esthetic” are evaluated. 

The aim of this review was to elucidate different surgical and tissue manipulation protocols in order to explore new possibilities that optimize treatment using dental implants in anterior regions. 

The results are not conclusive regarding the pragmatic determination of the best surgical time, however, there is a tendency to obtain better aesthetic outcomes when the dental implants are early or immediately placed, from the point of view of papilla formation and maintenance of bone and soft tissue architecture. 

It is algo suggested that guided bone regeneration should be done simultaneously with the installation of the implants and also as soft tissue grafting.

Can be concluded the important role of the implant-supported provisionals for proper conditioning of the peri-implant soft tissues. 

The literature confirms that each case must be evaluated individually, considering certain criteria when defining the treatment plan, such as the patient’s smile line, gingival biotype and soft tissue level, so that procedures that may lead to aesthetics failure are eliminated and consequently achieve the expectations of the patient. 

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