PDF: The evolution of robotics: research and application progress of dental implant robotic systems

This review focused on the historical trajectory of medical robots, with a particular emphasis on the development history, current research status, and prospects of dental implant robotic systems.

The development of medical robots has been a long journey of exploration. After being practically validated in industrial robots, this technology has become widespread globally and is now an essential part of modern production and lifestyles. 

Medical robots are increasingly in the vanguard of the field in diagnosis, treatment, visualization, and other areas of clinical practice. 

We are currently witnessing a transformative shift from cutting-edge research to the widespread application of medical robots. 

With novel technology advancements, medical robotics are bringing a new era to medicine. 

Innovative medical robotics can perform surgical procedures, aid rehabilitation, make diagnoses, achieve robotic laboratory automation and other robots suitable for various functional needs. 

In the field of dentistry, the most widely utilized robotic system presently is the dental implant robotic system. Implant robotic systems could offer a more flexible approach for the precise planning, and visual and haptic guidance of surgical procedures. 

Various clinical trials have confirmed the high accuracy of implant robotic-assisted surgery achieved and toward long-term implant success. 

However, there is still much room for improvement in terms of further simplification, the flexibility of robotic surgical procedures, and systematic education. 

By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, more precise diagnostic and treatment options, intelligent medical decision support systems, and flexible and precise surgical procedures will be provided for future clinical practice. 

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