PDF: Atypical Lesion on Soft Palate - A Curious Case

The aim of this work is to present a case of a 39-years-old man with a 2cm sized purple pedunculated tissue on the soft palate, next to upper right retromolar area, asymptomatic, with one day time evolution and vascular appearance.

There was no trauma history or systemic diseases. Based on the clinical findings our previous diagnosis was traumatic granuloma, hemangioma or blood coagulum formation after local trauma.

After one week, intraoral examination revealed absence of the lesion, which disappeared completely. This case illustrates that the absence of trauma history and atypical clinical characteristics can be a diagnostic defiance in the clinical routine.

Traumatic lesions of the oral mucosa occur frequently in clinical practice. Most of them represent acute or chronic injuries of soft tissues arising from incorrect hygienic procedures.

Only sometimes do they become artefactual problems, burns and posttraumatic mucosal lesions. However, their origin, location and clinical signs may considerably differ. They can appear atypically and sometimes may present bizarre characteristics. 

The purpose of this article was to report a curious case of an uncommon lesion on soft palate, with fast evolution and uncertain etiology, but probably due a local trauma.