PDF: Interproximal space recovery using an orthodontic elastic separator before prosthetic restoration: a case report

The presence of a dental contact point is essential to maintain normal occlusion and to preserve the health of periodontal structures.

Occasionally dental caries could compromise the interproximal contact point, leading to migration of the adjacent teeth with consequent retention of food, gingival inflammation, pocket formation, bone loss and dental mobility.

In order to achieve an adequate restorative treatment, reestablishment of interproximal space is necessary. 

This report describes the interproximal space recovery between the maxillary first and second molars of a 45-year-old female patient before tooth reconstruction.

In this case, an orthodontic elastic separator was indicated as an alternative to fixed orthodontic appliances in order to recover the necessary space.

The technique was proven efficient, effective, economical, easy to perform and, above all, less invasive than other methods.

The interproximal space was regained and a ceramic onlay was cemented for restoring the maxillary second molar. Periodical clinical and radiographic follow-up should be maintained to ensure long-term success.