PDF: Orthokeratinized Odontogenic Cyst: a report of two cases in the mandible

The term Odontogenic Keratocystic (OK) was first introduced by Philipsen in 1956 to describe a particular pathological entity characterized by a fibrous cystic wall lined by keratinized epithelium.

Thus, all cystic lesions of the jaws that had aspects of odontogenic keratocysts were considered, regardless of the clinical and other histological features. 

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Currently, significant differences between keratinized cystic lesions are recognized and orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst (OOC) is no longer part of the spectrum of odontogenic keratocyst.

Orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst (OOC) is a relatively rare lesion of the jaws, mainly located in the posterior segment of the mandible. 

Clinically, it presents no tendency to relapse due to low local aggressiveness, and is not associated with the nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS). 

Radiographically they are presented as an unilocular radiolucent lesions with well defined margins .

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