PDF: Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Class II Malocclusion through Interdisciplinary Approach: A Case Report

Aesthetics has become a respectable concept in dentistry as people are being more concerned of their appearance in today’s world. 

Malocclusion is one such condition for which patients seek treatment for because of its significant impact on function, aesthetics and psychological condition and we come across increased number of young adults who desire cost effective, nonsurgical correction of these malocclusions in shortest possible time in our day-to-day practice.

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The optimal treatment for these malocclusions may include orthodontic therapy, orthognathic surgery, periodontics and fixed or removable prostheses. 

If the patients do not accept or undergo optimal dental treatment, other treatment modalities are to be considered.

This article describes an aesthetic rehabilitation of class II malocclusion with a conservative interdisciplinary treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific dental and skeletal problems, as well as considering her needs and desires.

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