PDF: Oral rehabilitation with fixed protesis on implants in very atrophic maxilars with basal implants and monophasic implants

The traditional rehabilitation of patients with highly atrophic jaw bones involves treatments with a high degree of difficulty, because augmentations become part of the treatment plan.

Such plans are usually set up for the old type of 'biphasic' implants which are still used frequently. 

A large number of patients is however excluded from dental implant treatment. 

They are being told that implants cannot be implanted because of lack of bone, or that they must undergo long and painful additional interventions, such as block bone grafts, sinus elevations or lateralization of the nerve, become treatable in one step with the treatment concept explained here. 

Typically patiets refuse such treatments. 

On the other hand patients nowadays demand more and more immediately effective solutions, as well painless treatment and treatments which do not cause collateral damages. 

Also the cost-effectiveness of a treatment is an increasing concern of patients. 

In this article, we demonstrate only some of the uncountable advantages of following the philosophy of work with the Strategic implant®. 

This system/technology really and finally breaks the rules and dogmata that were established powerful in the (from our todays perspective) historical field of oral implantology. 

The technology improves our treatment options, it is very bone based and yet innovative. 

The concept of the Strategic Implant® is a true game changer in the world of oral implantology, its the easy to pass-through door to a new life both for patients and for treatment providers. 

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