PDF: One‑piece implants: Careful approach for complex rehabilitation

It is understood that one-piece implant design is a stronger concept as there is no connection between implant and abutment.

The absence of a microgap can lead to minimal peri-implant bone loss. Furthermore, there is a reduction of mechanical complications such as screw loosening and abutment fractures.

These implants can be immediately placed and can be put through instant function because of their high cortical stabilization. 

This immediate function protocol has advantages over two‑stage surgical placement. 

Other benefits are fewer surgical appointments, reduced treatment time, and minimal trauma. 

It is suggested that one-piece implant can be an alternative to conventional implants for edentulous arches where there is a resorbed bone in width and height. 

Initially, one-piece implants were used as transitional or provisional implants. 

However, because of biological osseointegration, their removal often became difficult. 

Several manufacturers obtained approval for its use in defined situations. 

Proper treatment planning avoided comorbidity associated with augmentation procedures and acceptable esthetic result was achieved. 

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