ORAL SURGERY: 10 most read in 2021

Our Ovi Dental platform has more than 250 publications on the specialty of Oral Surgery, of which we share a list of the most viewed by the dental community.

These 10 Oral Surgery Articles were the most downloaded and shared by oral health professionals in 2021:

The type of flap used affects how easily primary closure can be achieved, how quickly the site heals and the risk of complications.

The present case report illustrates delayed surgical removal of a maxillary third molar that was displaced into the infratemporal fossa, via the intraoral access and under local anesthesia.

The present systematic review was performed to investigate if there is evidence justifying the prophylactic extraction of third molars, one of the most frequent procedures in oral surgery.

The aim of this article is to present the cases of two children who presented large dentigerous cyst associated to teeth where the incidence of this lesion is not so common.

The etiology of myofibroma is uncertain; it may be of autosomal dominant or recessive type; nevertheless, the family incidence is low. It is suggested that there might be other factors involved.

The aims of this article are to report three distinct cases of Torus palatinus and to discuss the management of each of them.

This article reports a brief overview of the risks associated with lower third molar extractions, and the claims that coronectomy may be useful as a treatment modality in managing some aspects of those risks.

This literature review aimed to discuss the histological and clinical aspects of alveolar healing and the ARP procedure after tooth extraction and verify whether they allow dental implant placement (with or without further augmentation).

A classification system is a useful tool to categorize the degree of impaction and plan a surgical approach that facilitates removal and minimizes morbidity.

In the absence of any infection of maxillary sinus, the defects which are smaller than 2 mm can heal spontaneously following the blood clot formation and secondary healing.

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